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Fight the Good Fight

Consciousness came slowly flooding back to Sam, returning section by section not allowing him to get a clear picture of where he was. In truth he really couldn't recall all that had happened in the last couple of hours. He remembers the bar he and Dean had been at. He remembered having a couple beer, no more than two or Dean would be carrying his sorry ass back to the impala and threatening to dump him on the side of the road if he threw up. Some days, Sam sweared his brother loved that car more than he loved him. Groaning softly as he registered the throbbing in his head and his neck, Sam tried moving his arms only to find that where ever he was, whomever had kidnapped him knew how to tie a rope. It was tight enough that he still had feeling in his hands, but not enough to move. An attempt at shifting his legs, also revealed that his ankles were tied together as well, making them for the moment useless. Whomever had took him, weren't taking any chances it seemed and keeping Sam bound and helpless on the floor seemed to be the plan.

Getting kidnapped, it was really starting to grow old. Why was Dean never abducted? Why was it always him?

Slowly, Sam blinked his eyes open taking a very quick look around before he was forced to close them. Although he was in a darkened room, it wasn't pitch black and there was enough soft lighting to hurt his eyes which weren't used to the light. Giving himself a couple moments, he tried once more, successfully getting his eyes to adjust to the dim lighting in the room. Or better word would be cave? Wherever he was, it looked rather secluded. Very secluded.

Dropping his head back down to the floor of the cave he was still bound in, Sam was wracking his brain for an idea. Anything to get him out of this position before something came to finish him off. Yet the only thought that crossed threw his mind was just how desperately he needed to see his brother right now. God what he'd give for Dean to just suddenly make an appearance. The sudden vibration in his pocketed cause him to lurch to one side, mostly startled by the unexpected phone call. Of course once he'd collected himself, Sam realized there was only one person who would even think to call him and Sam had no way to even respond.

And the lack of response would only serve to drive Dean into a more panic driven state. He'd be reckless, and that was something Sam never liked provoking in his brother.



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Sep. 5th, 2009 07:35 am (UTC)
Apparently Dean couldn't even talk to a pretty girl without worrying about Sam. How long had his brother been gone? Anywhere between twenty minutes to an hour. It wasn't hard to miss the usual look of disapproval on Sam's face after ten minutes of giggling and small talk. At that point Dean ignored Sam. Only after realizing it was strange not to be interrupted after an hour did it register something was wrong. Was Sam abducted in the bar? In the parking lot? In thirty minutes every inch of the bar had been searched with no luck. At least Dean wasn't panicking yet, Sam could have gone to the car--but without a word? That was certainly strange.

In another thirty minutes the parking lot and general exterior of the bar proved to be as fruitless as the bar itself. Now Dean panicked; he crawled in the Impala and searched for his phone. It hadn't been in his pocket, which was odd in the first place, but he wouldn't put it past himself to leave it in the car. And God damn, it wasn't there either. However in the glove box there was a note.

I just can't do this anymore, please don't look for me. I've gone to hunt on my own forever.


Whoever wrote this was a dumb ass, and apparently not a Classic Rock fan. It had to be a human--no supernatural creature would leave a note, especially not a sloppy one like this. Something bad had happened to Sam... Now he knew his brother was abducted by someone they had talked to.

Dean walked back into the bar, even after years of pretending it was hard to mask his worry. The woman he was still chatting with was still sitting in the same place. Odd. Dean would have thought she was waiting for him, if that didn't seem so strange. He offered her a convincing smile and sat back down. The woman, Karen, had offered to buy another round, but he beat her to the chase. "Gin and Tonic, and I guess, another beer for the lady?" As he spoke he noticed the array of bottles that were decorating the bar. His eyes widened a bit, Karen was lacking a reflection in the mirror that sat behind the bar. A vampire. This wasn't the only truth the mirror revealed. Dean saw his phone sitting in her purse as clear as daylight. This had something to do with Sam, he knew it. Of course the Deep South was rumored to be full of vampires, you just couldn't leave it to normal people to notice these things. After a cheesy, yet effective smile he took too a sip of his drink, watching her carefully as she lifted the bottle of beer to her lips. Karen spit her drink back into the dark brown bottle, she just thought Dean was too stupid to notice.

"You know what, here's a dollar," he handed Karen a worn bill. "Go pick something on the jukebox. Any song to cheer me up." She smiled at him and asked "Why?".

Dean tried his best to look extremely upset. "My brother abandoned me." An affectionate "Aw," was all she needed to comply. Wow, she had absolutely no faith in his common sense. He took this opportunity to snatch his phone and sneak out of the bar. She had probably noticed, but by that time Dean was armed and halfway to his car.

Sep. 5th, 2009 07:36 am (UTC)
In panic he jumped in and called, no answer. Again and again and again. Dean saw his best option as waiting for the vampire, but even after the bar closed she hadn't emerged. There were only a couple of cars left (Dean had parked somewhere hopefully undetectable). Sam wondered if the bar was a vampire owned business. They were, after all rumored to have extreme amounts of wealth. His only option would be to wait until morning.


Sam could be dead now for all Dean knew, or worse, bitten. Still that didn't stop him from searching the bar; he had to knock out a couple of human workers before discovering a secret passageway in a closet, that he assumed was in a room that belonged to the owner. It wasn't easy work either--it took nearly thirty minutes. What he found was similar to what he would expect The Under Ground Railroad too look like (though he had never been). There were several cave looking holes, only three left to further chambers.

Dean flashed his light through each pathway. "Sam, are you down here?" He whispered as loud as possible, but the vamps wouldn't be able to hear him, they would be sleeping. That female vampire had given him no credit. What a bitch.
Sep. 5th, 2009 07:52 am (UTC)
The phone, it kept ringing and ringing. Taunting Sam with the promise of help and of course Sam knew that the odd of Dean finding him before something worse happened, well they were poor to say the least. Dropping his head back onto the floor of the cave, Sam fought off the urge to scream at the sudden onset of pain that coursed threw him. It was so reminiscent of that one case they'd worked, where he'd ran into Meg and her fucking shadow puppets or whatever they'd been. Both he and Dean had been torn up pretty good that night, put comparing this to that, it was a walk in the park.

Truthfully it felt like his entire body was aflame and only growing more intense at the hours wore on. Sam didn't even want to dwell on what that could mean, had he been bitten? Infected? He couldn't even remember who'd jumped him at the bar, as he'd made his way to the bathroom. The only thing he did remember was the burning sensation. There was little room left to speculate, but Sam was positive he'd been bitten.

Dean, was going to kick his ass. No doubt about it.

Shuffling and muffled footsteps reached Sam's ears as someone proceeded to venture further down the pathway that fed into the cavern he was currently tied up in. He caught sight of the flashlight, being momentarily blinded by it before he heard Dean's voice and for the life of him, tried to call out to him. The cry however, only came out as a soft mumble, muffled by the tape over his mouth to quell his screaming.
Sep. 5th, 2009 08:16 am (UTC)
The venture down the hallway was pretty lackluster until about thirty feet in. To his left there were a couple coffins. "Sammy if I find you I'm gonna kill you," Dean muttered, the sound of his own voice, his sarcasm lifted his spirits a bit. There was nothing in the coffin room. To his right--"Sam!" He exclaimed in a quit whisper. What a state he was in. Unexpectedly he felt a twinge of anger. How could Sam allow this to happen? No. That wasn’t right to think, at least more than anything he was happy Sam was alive.

Dean rushed to his side, and carefully ripped the tape off of his mouth. "Oh--Sam," he had to catch his breath. "Shit man they bit you!" This didn't mean he'd turn into one. Oh God, but something told him it did. Had he read something about it in his Dad’s journal? Dean did know his fare share about vampires…Still he couldn't have a psychic, telekinetic, vampire brother. While he waited hopefully for Sam to explain why he would not turn into a vampire, Dean started to untie the ropes that were binding his brother. “Jesus, were these vampires in the Navy.” The said ropes were proving to be difficult, finally too annoyed to try and untie the knots, he pulled a pocketknife from his jean pocket, and started to cough.

“Are you going to he okay to walk Sam?” Now Dean was helping Sam to his feet. Not that he would mind carrying his brother, but things would be a lot faster if he didn’t have to.
Sep. 5th, 2009 08:30 am (UTC)
The blinding light from Dean's flashlight swept over Sam once more, causing him to clamp his eyes shut to avoid yet another blinding session. For a brief moment, Sam had this flicker of a vibe coming off Dean, one that clearly spoke of just how disappointed he was in him and that he'd let his happen. Then in the blink of an eye, it was gone and Sam wasn't sure how to feel about it. If anything, he was more than happy to have been reunited with Dean even under the circumstances.

Bracing himself as best he could, Sam couldn't stop himself from wincing as Dean removed the tape from over his mouth, his breathing hard and coming in short gasps. He was really beginning to despite getting abducted. Next time, Dean could do it and Sam would do the saving. Catching his brother's gaze as he saw the bite marks on his neck, Sam knew exactly what he was thinking even if Dean hadn't spoken it out loud. It was there all in his eyes, plain as day and open to anyone who knew how to read Dean.

Sam knew that his brother wanted and answer. Wanted him to tell him that his fears were wrong. That he wouldn't change and become one of them but god, Sam just didn't know. They'd never faced someone like himself before and Sam had no idea how his gifts might affect this. Having been pulled into an upright position, Sam merely turned his head to the left, watching as Dean worked on the rope still binding his hands together. Once free of the ropes that had been binding him and standing on his own two feet although somewhat wobbly, Sam looked around before nodding.

He was positive he could make it. Not much choice on the matter. "Yeah Dean. I'll make it."
Sep. 5th, 2009 08:47 am (UTC)
Dean pulled Sam's arm over his shoulder and helped him walk from the cave dungeon, and down the long passageway. All of his concerns remained unexplained, but it didn't seem like the right time to bring it up. Not that Dean was eager to hear the inevitable truth. "That girl I was talking to she was a vampire. I waited for her outside of the club, but she didn’t come out. I figured these guys must own the place.” Now he remembered his Dad telling him all about vampires, a discussion Sam probably wasn’t apart of. Perhaps the vamps wanted Sam for his …er… psychic capabilities. After all they were almost like enhanced human beings. Dean had to remind himself that anything was possible.

“Wouldn’t it be cool if there was a bounty out on us?” He wouldn’t mind crossing paths with a vampire like the chick in those Underworld movies. Perhaps it wasn’t the time for jokes, but at least he was temporarily distracted from the fact that Sam had been bitten. As they reached the end of the cave corridor he wondered if it would be okay to take Sam into the sunlight. Well if he wasn’t sleeping maybe it would be okay. Dean crawled out of the little hole after helping Sam out.

Just to be careful, Dean wrapped his jacket around Sam’s head before rushing them both to his car. There was a dark blanket in the truck that he retrieved, covering it over Sam after helping him in the back seat. All he needed were smart ass comments about how Sam didn’t need the blanket, because he wasn’t a vampire just yet.
Sep. 5th, 2009 11:47 pm (UTC)
Still clutching tightly onto Dean, if anything a half assed attempt at keeping the contact between them for a little longer. While Sam knew he wasn't stable enough on his own, he probably could have limped his way back up to the front of the bar, but why do it alone, when Dean was right next to him? Half lost in his own thoughts, most of which were currently revolving around Dean and their almost touching back at the motel. The real reason why Dean had left and gone to the bar in the first place, and why Sam had shown up later, if only to try and make things seem less awkward between them. The thoughts running threw his head, Sam knew they shouldn't be there. But god, he just couldn't stop it.

Turning his head to gaze over at Dean when Sam realized that he was saying something, Sam just nodded slowly, the action bringing a cringe onto his face as a new wave of pain ripped threw him, starting from the wounds in his neck and radiating out. damn... that's probably not a good thing. His voice sounded bitter in his own head and he inhaled sharply, clenching his eyes shut. He desperately didn't' want Dean to worry about it, but there was no doubt in his mind that this was going to bother Dean.

A rather dirty look crossed Sam's face at the mention of how having a bounty on them would be cool. No it wouldn't. Not hardly. The look on his face must have clued Dean in, because he dropped the subject and Sam merely let his thoughts drift inwards once more.

By this point, they'd reached the end of the cave like corridor and Sam briefly had the same question running threw his thoughts. Was he turned? Would sunlight kill him? Or would he be different because he wasn't like other people? Bracing himself against the wall as Dean climbed out first, returning and offering him a hand moments later. Something Sam needed. His head was throbbing, in a way that reminded him of a heartbeat and his legs were beginning to feel like Jello once more. He was close to collapsing at it was.

The trip from the cave to the car was uneventful, although awkward on Sam's part due to Dean's jacket covering his head, a precaution, but annoying nonetheless. But the moment they reached the impala and Dean helped Sam into the backseat he was more than happy to crash, letting his head fall back, his eyes closing once more. The pain seemed more now, outside than when he'd been underground. Not a good sign at all.
Sep. 6th, 2009 04:48 am (UTC)
After starting the car, Dean remembered something. “Shit!” He shouted. “Be right back Sam.” Maybe the female vampire Karen had thought he was stupid for good reason. In the trunk of the Impala were all the necessities for torching a vampire. Hopefully it would be all right to leave Sam alone; from the entrance to the bar, Dean looked back at the car. It was not reassuring. Never mind, he had to burn the vampire assholes.

It was easy enough to burn a few coffins, what Dean hadn’t realized before was that they were empty. A sloppy mistake, but at least their dad wasn’t around. The whole cave turned out to be empty; this was strange. Sam was the only one who was down there as far as he could tell. Was it a trap? Vampires were known for their brains. Perhaps Dean had underestimated his lady vampire friend. He should have killed the bitch when he had the chance.

In a foul mood, Dean stomped back to the car and threw the materials in the trunk. When he stepped into the car he spoke without thinking. “What the hell happened Sammy?” He whipped the Impala out of the parking lot and sped off down the street. Their best option would be to return to the motel. Could a vampire come in a motel room? Or did the invitation rule apply? Wow, he needed to brush up on vampires. Dean knew the first thing he was going to do. Check Sam’s symptoms against those of someone turning into a vampire.
Sep. 6th, 2009 05:02 am (UTC)
Listening to the engine purring as Dean started up the Impala, Sam collapsed back against the leather of the seat, his eyes still closed only to opened briefly upon Dean's sudden swearing and his quick exit of the Impala. Upon hearing the trunk being pulled open, Sam more or less guessed what Dean was doing and wisely kept any smart-assed comments to himself. He understood exactly why Dean had been distracted. After all this wasn't the first time Sam had gotten himself into a pickle and as always, Dean was the one picking up the pieces for him.

Without much else to do, Sam merely pulled himself up into a sitting position, his head resting on the head rest of Dean's seat before sighing softly as he watched Dean trek back towards the bar. Minutes ticked on by, and for some odd reason, Sam couldn't shake the feeling that he was being watched. That this nightmare was only beginning. At one point it had been so strong, that he'd almost exited the Impala. The only thing stopping him was the fact that he couldn't support his own weight.

Catching moment out of the corner of his eye, Sam's gaze snapped back towards the bar, watching in silence as Dean stalked away from the bar, his mood easily plastered on his face. Whatever happened, it hadn't cone according to plan. Something wasn't right and that feeling of being watched swept over him once more, causing Sam to glance around once more before letting his gaze settled on the floor of the Impala, cringing as Dean slammed the trunk a tad harsher than he normally would have.

"What the hell happened Sammy?” The question was out of Dean's mouth, sooner than he would have expected and Sam wasn't sure he wanted to answer him. Wasn't sure that either of them were ready to even open up this can of worms, but it seemed that the choice wasn't theirs. They couldn't erase what had happened, and for the moment Sam merely chose to keep his mouth shut and not fuel Dean's anger. Silence filled the Impala as Dean shifted gears, heading towards the Motel. Or at least that's where Sam hoped he was heading.
Sep. 6th, 2009 05:13 am (UTC)
Standing off to one side road, hidden more or less by the shadows, a lone figure watched as Dean Winchester stalked back towards the bar that her associates had been running. From the murderous glint in his eyes, to the materials in his hands, told Marina that Dean wasn't going to take any chances with letting them escape. She had no doubt in her mind, that he'd burn the entire building down just to make sure that nothing reached his precious Sammy again.

Too bad, that he was focusing on the wrong set of vampires to go after. Or maybe he just hadn't realized who was all playing in the game yet. Well he would in time. Her crimson gaze turned from the bar and settled on the Impala. She knew that Sam was in the back seat. Had watched them both from the shadows as they made their way from the bar the first time.

A slow smile found it's way onto her lips as Sam suddenly appeared in the back window of the Impala, apparently looking around for something he could feel. Ironic that even know, before her blood had time to settle and take hold that he could feel her. If anything this was going to be fun. And it would span on for centuries, of that she was certain. After all the boys, they had to pay for what they'd done to her family, and what better way to break them, than to turn one against the other.

Casting the Winchester boys a final glance, Marina turned away from the Impala just as Dean returned, apparently frustrated that he'd been left with empty coffins. He shouldn't worry, he'd have his chance sooner or later.
Sep. 6th, 2009 06:29 am (UTC)
He was livid, the last thing he wanted was for him and Sam to get locked in some freaky vampire mind game, with lots of torturing. Dean had seen enough Buffy (she's hot) episodes to know how those bloodsuckers work. Vampire legends were among the most popular of all supernatural creatures. Though all of the so called vampire experts hadn't even crossed a real one.

Their motel wasn't far from the bar. Dean thought it would be a good idea for them to check into a new motel as soon as possible. Actually, maybe they should just leave the town altogether. Well, he wouldn't, but he was taking Sam somewhere safe and far away.

So with that in mind, Dean pulled up in front of their door and made a mad dash to the room. It was still early, but he wanted to be halfway across the country by nightfall. He picked up anything and everything that belonged to him and Sam, and stashed it in the trunk. It seemed with each passing moment he was becoming more nervous, more angry.

"Excuse Me?" He shouted to he lady he needed to check out. Naturally she attempted to engage in small talk, but Dean gave her a nasty look that shut her up fast. After filling out he necessary paper and handing in his key Dean left, only muttering a thank you to the lady.

Where should he take Sam? California... that would take days. Would Sam be okay? Dean scanned his contacts and smiled when he found a contact in Florida. That wouldn't be as long of a journey.

"Hi, Mitchell?... It's Dean Winchester...you remember! Great, look I gotta ask you a favor. My brother is sick, I can't keep him with me...No.. it's nothing supernatural." Maybe he shouldn't have lied, but this guy would hardly agree if he knew he'd be harboring a vampire. "Only for two--maybe three days." Dean was irritated. "Look, I'll pay you, five hundred dollars." Finally a sigh of relief. "I'll try to get there within two days...thanks man."
Sep. 6th, 2009 06:45 am (UTC)
Still situated in the backseat of the Impala, Sam wracked his thoughts, trying to piece together just how he found himself in this mess. There'd been a reason he'd been taken, it was a nagging feeling that continue to pull at his thoughts and it was beginning to irritate the heck out of him. Glancing around when Dean pulled up to their motel room, Sam had been expecting to take a break or two, figure out what they were going to do, at the very least clean the wound on his neck before they headed out.

But it seemed that Dean had other plans. Ones he hadn't shared with Sam. Yet, Sam had a feeling that Dean was in his flight mode. It didn't come up often, but when it did it was better to just let him be than try and stand in his way.

When he returned to the Impala, stashing their stuff in the trunk, Sam had tried to get a word in, make Dean stop for a moment but it seemed useless. Before he could even open his mouth to speak, Dean was gone once more. This time slipping into the front office, with every intention of checking out.

Knowing deep down, that Dean was doing the right thing, Sam merely reached forward leaning over the front seat reaching for the trunk release mechanism. If Dean was intent on going, they'd go. But Sam needed to do something for his neck before the burning drove him insane. Slipping out from the back and around to the trunk he rooted threw their bag of weapons unsure of what to really use. Dean was the monster expert really, but Sam figured that perhaps an injection of holy water and garlic might buy him a few hours of relative peace. At least for now. Grabbing a syringe, a bottle of holy water and the essence of garlic, Sam returned to the Impala, taking his normal spot in the front passenger seat.

He'd set the items up on the dash, his hands shaking, too afraid to do it himself. He'd have to wait until Dean was back. Then he'd have to convince Dean to do it. That wouldn't be easy, like pulling teeth so to speak. Sighing softly, Sam merely rested his head against the window, only turning his head to glance over to Dean as he returned to the Impala, conversing with someone. As the conversation progressed, Sam realized that Dean was arranging a place to dump him off, which meant that he was probably coming back here Alone.

"Dean no!" Not waiting for him to hang up the phone, Sam shook his head. "You're not leaving me, while you come back here. No way."
Sep. 6th, 2009 07:23 am (UTC)
"Shut up, Sam!" Dean said without out even looking at his brother. If Sam had energy enough to argue, he could certainly fix his own wounds. The Impala purred as Dean revved the engine, before pulling out to the street. "It's too dangerous to keep you around." His eyes were focused on the road, but his expression was still very much the same. "I don't know what's gonna happen to you--to your personality." The words came out slowly--he didn't want to believe them. But..vampires were basically demon, weren't they? Was Sam becoming a demon?

Dean trusted Sam with his life, but this was beyond both of them. What would he tell their father. All the blame would fall on his shoulders, he just knew it. Dean had let Sam get kidnapped. "This guy, Mitchell, he's pretty cool. Dad and I did a job in his area, haunted swamps." To be honest, Dean didn't trust this guy with his brothers life, but he trusted Sam to beat Mitchell if it came down to it.

"How did they catch you?" They were still racing through side and busy city streets. The garlic reeked so Dean pulled over at a gas station. He should refuel anyway. "Will you get rid of that, it reeks man." He crawled out of the car and then leaned down to look through the window at Sam. "I'm going to get you some first aid stuff and pay for gas. There's a gun in the glove box." Without another word he had left.
Sep. 6th, 2009 07:41 am (UTC)
Sam shut his mouth, cutting off the snappish reply that had almost slipped out. Part of him understood where Dean's train of thought was heading. But the larger part of who Sam was, was more or less offended by how this was going about. His gaze returned to the holy water that was still resting on the dashboard. It was a apparent that he was on his own for that. In fact it seemed that if anything Dean didn't trust him anymore. He all but admitted that just now.

A frown settled on his lips and despite how hard he was trying, Sam couldn't get the feelings of anger and distrust to leave him alone. It wasn't like he'd asked for this. In no way did Sam want to become a vampire. But Dean he seemed to be taking this all out of context. They had no idea what might happen to him but how was splitting up a good idea? Just the thought of spending time with this Mitchell guy made Sam's blood crawl. "Yeah, whatever Dean." The hurt was evident in his voice as he spoke, letting his gaze turn away from his brother and settle for looking out the window. It was apparent however that Dean was not about to let this drop and continue to question him, needed to know more about how they'd taken him. Something Sam still didn't recall. "I told you man. I don't know okay."

But when they came up to the gas station and the smell of the garlic was beginning to become rather much, Sam merely swallowed the next snarky comment off his tongue and set to work on mixing the garlic and water together. Might as well do this now before something else unexpected happened. Having injected himself before Dean returned, Sam bite back the scream that was threatening to spill from his lips and slipped from the impala, intending on returning everything he'd taken to their weapons kit.
Sep. 6th, 2009 08:15 am (UTC)
Sam's words stung, Dean immediately regretted saying anything mean to Sam, but he wouldn't apologize. The last thing he wanted was to be separated from his brother. However, these vamps may have known about Sam's extra gifts. How could they though? But then if they had no clue, didn't they just kill him? What a headache.

Dean spent more time in the convenience store than he should have, but they were in for long trip, snacks were necessary. One hundred dollars of someones money would be enough, he had paid in cash. Glancing to see if Sam had fixed his wound, thankfully he had. When he was out of view and pumping gas, Dean smiled. Boy that had to hurt. The plastic bag in his hands contained lots of snacks and four bottles of water, they were cheap.

While Dean pumped the gas, he thought about all of the possibilities for Sam. He'd become stronger, more aggressive, and sensual. His cheeks flushed a light pink--well at least he'd be able to meet girls, yeah. Finally the tank was full and Dean slipped back into the front seat of the Impala.

"I'm sorry Sam--" Dean paused and furrowed his eyebrows. "How long until you turn?" His head was lowered as he started the engine. It didn't feel good or bad to get that off of his chest. "Oh God, what are we gonna tell Dad?" That however did feel good.
Sep. 6th, 2009 08:27 am (UTC)
Having returned to the front seat of the Impala, waiting for Dean to finish filling up, Sam merely drummed his fingers on the side of the door. He hadn't missed the hurt look on Dean's face after his comment and the snarky way in which he'd give it, but could Dean really blame him? This job sure as hell hadn't gone according to plan. They'd come down to take out a nest, and now here they were running from that same nest because things got a tad to personal.

Silence hung in the air between them when Dean returned to the driver's seat of the Impala and even his apology fell short to the bigger question. Just how much time did they have. On a normal scale, Sam would have answered two days at the moment. Three might be pushing it, but being who he was and all of his skills, well he really had no clue.

The sudden flush on his cheeks wasn't something Sam had missed either, but that in itself seemed to be a whole other issue that he was sure neither one was ready to tackle just yet. Playing stupid and ignorant on that part was far more easier right now than admitting that there might be something more. Might as well take it one life altering event at a time.

Shaking his head he sighed softly, before glancing over to Dean his hazel gaze locking onto Dean's jaded one. "I don't know Dean. And we don't have to tell Dad anything." Not yet at least. They'd be better to wait and see what happened and spook their dad and have Sam wake up on day on the wrong end.
Sep. 6th, 2009 08:54 am (UTC)
"What do you mean you don't know? You're the Velma. And whether you like it or not Dad’s gonna find out, do you think he would let me stake you?" At least his wit was still hanging on, barely. Dean couldn’t believe Sam had no knowledge of bloodsuckers. “Did you see who took you?” Vampires could easily disguise themselves as humans; Dean had been fooled. How would Sam be able to keep it a secret? Would there be any trace of his brother once the change occurred? Most importantly how out of control hungry would he be? On Buffy the vampires rose after they were buried, they were almost immediately looking for a meal. Sam wasn’t dead though. Dean had never seen those Tom Cruise vampire movies--chick flicks. "Hey Sammy you've seen those Tom Cruise and Brad Pitt vampire movies right?" He laughed.

It took about thirty minutes to get out of the city and onto the interstate, which would lead them in the right direction. For the most part they had driven in silence. "How do you feel? And I swear to God if you give me a smart ass answer I'm taking you back to the vampires." Sam wasn't even close to the state Dean had found him in… maybe the 'change' was happening sooner than expected. God what a mess, and they were so close to finding that damn thing that killed their mom, and Jessica.
Sep. 6th, 2009 04:25 pm (UTC)
Perhaps the phrasing on that comment should have been a tad better. Sure he was Velma. His knowledge of the supernatural world was extreme and on more than one account, Dean had called him a walking encyclopedia. But when you started to mix the 'normal' stuff with him, well that ventured into a whole new realm. Something even Sam really had no idea what to expect. "I don't know how it'll affect me. I'm not exactly normal per say." Thinking back to the bar, threw the slight haze that had been slowly settling over him, he remember that it was a brunette. Not entirely helpful to them. So he just shook his head. "I may have, but I don't remember enough to help us." Although if it was who he thought it was, then it really wouldn't matter. Vampires in real life, they weren't like those on Buffy. Sam knew completely that when she showed up on more, he'd know it was her. More importantly, he'd know that Dean would know too.

Blinking at the sudden question of vampire movies, he shot Dean a puzzled look. He was talking about Interview with the Vampire right? Giving him a slow nod, which caused Dean to break out into laughter, Sam just shook his head. "Jerk."

Silence slipped in between them once more, and it was only until they reached the interstate that Dean broke it once more. The question in Sam's opinion seemed stupid. How did he think he felt? But after the warning that left his mouth, Sam merely sighed softly, willing the this snappish attitude of his to go away. It wasn't fair on Dean and if anything, his brother deserved a straight answer. "Tired mostly Dean." If anything he felt almost drained, no pun intended. And if this was only the first night, well it was going to get a lot worse as things continued on. Part of him wondered if Leaving him alone with this Mitchell guy, was even a good idea. What if he got hungry?

(and if you were interested. i've been plotting out with krys and we've got a community up to expand on this game. just click here.)

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Sep. 11th, 2009 08:41 am (UTC)
Once again his eyebrows furrowed. It was a complete waste of time to interrogate Sam, but it wasn’t the boy’s fault. Damn those vampires, they were clever devils, and could have done any number of things to his special little brother. Dean found himself infuriated by the thought--What kind of things could those bloodsuckers have done to Sam. Oh God help them if they had touched Sam, obviously he had taken a beating, but if they touched him. The Impala was far to the right as Dean thought about this new mess. Usually he could talk and drive, but his head felt like it had gained twenty pounds. Sam’s response to the movie question sent a weak smile to Dean’s lips. When in a bad situation rely on humor, right?

If these vampires could track Sam, then Florida would be bust. Could he make it back to New Orleans before the vampires tracked Sam to Florida? What a terrible thought that was, Dean would need to think carefully—he didn’t even dare ask Sam if the vampires could find him. On the off chance his brother hadn’t already thought of that, Dean would be saving him a great deal of worry. In a couple’s hours time max the two of them would be in Mississippi. “We’ll stop in Mississippi for the night.” If the vampires were tracking them it would be easy enough to kill them tonight…he hoped. For two hours he didn’t want to talk to Sam, he wished he didn’t have to think about him, and hoped to God everything would be alright.

The silence was deafening, Dean turned up the radio—music could fill the silence for now. Ironically enough it was Led Zeppelin’s Babe I’m Gonna Leave You. Dean chuckled; no, he wasn’t ditching Sam. Dean was keeping him safe. It was hard not to glance at Sam as he drove, but damn he tried his best not to.

Dean had driven almost the entire width of Mississipi before deciding to stop at some motel along the interstate. The town was called Golfpart, and offered little other than the beach. “Here we are Sammy.” The lodgings seemed modest, and it was only 9:00 PM, but Dean wasn’t in the mood to go out. “Wait here,” Dean rifled through his wallet until he found the appropriate card. Really this money was for the greater good.

“Yeah I’d like a double please.” He smiled weakly as he handed his card to the desk worker. She was a middle aged, not so attractive woman. Dean laughed halfheartedly when she asked him if he was with a woman. “No my brother.” She seemed hopeful. As if Dean’s day could get any worse, the only vacancies were singles. Fuck it, Sam was probably too tired to wait and find a new hotel. With a nasty look he left the office—he had slept on harder surfaces than a motel floor but still.

Dean yanked open the passenger side door. “Come on Sam I got us a room.” Maybe Dean would sleep in the Impala, but he couldn’t leave Sam alone.
Sep. 11th, 2009 08:54 am (UTC)
Sam hadn't tossed around the idea that the vampires after them were acutally 'old' friends and that they were probably tracking them anyway. After all why would they go threw all that trouble, to end up letting him go. Especially after biting Sam like they had? It was better to assume that they were coming, but it wasn't something Sam had any room to dwell on. He was happy being oblivious to the thought of what might be coming.

Silence settled between them and as the level of the radio rose to combat it, Sam found himself struggling against staying awake. While it was still early in the afternoon, his eyes felt like lead and without realizing when, or even where they'd been Sam gave out his eyes closing, head resting against the window of the Impala.

It was the slowing and finally the stopping of the Impala that roused Sam, just shortly after driving into Golfpart. Groggily, Sam glanced around having no clue as to where they were but did as Dean instructed staying put in the Impala. As out of it as he was right now the last thing that he really wanted to do was end up being jumped or something. Minutes passed and Sam merely let his head rest against the window once more his eyes closed, but not asleep. If anything he just felt drained and sluggish.

All had been going well, until the passenger side door was yanked open and Sam found himself pitched to one side, catching himself with his hands before his head connected with the pavement or something. His head snapped up, and he shot Dean a glare. "What the hell Dean?"
Sep. 11th, 2009 09:06 am (UTC)
“Sorry, didn’t notice you sitting like that.” Dean said with a smile. Really he hadn’t even looked, so of course Sam fell out of the car. “I was distracted.” By the fact he was going to get no sleep, and maybe neither would Sam. He had snoozed almost the whole ride. Glancing around the lot to make sure there were no wandering eyes, Dean popped open the trunk of his Impala. He shoved holy water, guns and a few machetes into a duffle bag. Everything you needed to kill a vampire. After locking up the Impala Dean led the way to their room. The usual motel scent greeted them as he unlocked the door and pushed it open. The one bed in the middle of the room stood out like a sore thumb.

“Oh, you gotta be kidding me,” Dean muttered. Lucky for him and his brother they had been give a honeymoon suite. It was obvious to him, and was probably to Sam too. Maybe he was too optimistic—every time he thought things couldn’t get any worse they did. At least in their experience it wasn’t unusual to stumble across a more ‘colorful’ room. “This was the only vacancy,” he said defensively setting his phone down next to the nightstand by the bed. It wasn’t like he picked the room, so why should he even care.

To make sure there was no confusion Dean parked himself on the only chair in the room, it was uncomfortable as hell. The television provided a weak distraction from Sam, the boy needed a good shower—so did Dean for that matter. In the morning! That would be a fine time.

“Try and get some rest, we’re leaving early tomorrow.” Two machete’s and a shotgun were propped up against the chair Dean sat. For sure he wasn’t going to get any sleep, keeping Sam safe was his top priority.
Sep. 11th, 2009 09:19 am (UTC)
Rolling his eyes, Sam just shook his head before pulling himself off of the ground, dusting his pants off once he was standing up straight. "Yeah, distracted." At least it wasn't by some blonde, blue eyed, pretty little thing. Reaching into the front of the Impala, Sam grabbed his jacket, slipping it on before moving around to the back of the Impala as Dean was stashing weapons into the green duffel they always carried. He knew that Dean was only being cautious, but that didn't mean Sam was at ease knowing that it was inside.

Following after Dean as they headed to their room, he stepped inside after Dean, unable to stop the snicker that escaped him as he took in the room. This wasn't the first time that their relationship seemed to be mistaken for more than it was, and despite saying anything, people always seemed to believe whatever they wanted. Glancing around once more, he shook his head before sighing softly. It was better than spending the night in the Impala. "Right Dean. I'm sure, you fought with her very hard for it." He couldn't resist teasing him, mostly because he was just trying to keep his true thoughts from running away with his mouth.

Even before Dean had staked out the chair off to the left side of the room, Sam knew what he was going to do. It was written in his eyes and after all that had happened, Sam knew better than to argue with him. Wordlessly he stalked over to the bed, setting his bag on the floor next to it before sitting down himself. Part of him needed to comment about how he was being an ass, and that this wasn't the first time they'd been stiffed with a single bed. It had been difficult getting him to cave that time, but he had. So what was it now? Because he'd been bitten?

Opting to take a shower, something he really needed he wordlessly grabbed a pair of jeans and a t-shirt before heading towards the bathroom. Pausing to glance back at Dean, he just nodded shortly, knowing it wouldn't happen. As tired as he'd been when he got out of the car, Sam was more than awake now.
Sep. 11th, 2009 09:41 am (UTC)
Dean’s eyes followed Sam as he stalked towards the bathroom. A quick thought of Sam’s body wet and soapy caused a beet color to form on his cheeks. Thank god Sam was in the bathroom, he’d never be able to live that one down. He shifted in his seat uncomfortable and picked up the machete. Would his brother be stronger now, faster, overall better in general? How did a vampire even work? Sam usually brought their dad’s journal everywhere but this time he had shoved it in his coat pocket, practically itching with the desire to open it. Becoming a vampire could be something their dad would have never thought to write down, and unfortunately his suspicions were confirmed.

Dean wasn’t without hope however; he jumped up from his chair and crossed the room to the door. He practically ran to the Impala, recovering Sam’s computer from the back seat. Again he ran, this time back to the room, he tossed the computer on the bed and moved to the bathroom. Twice he knocked on the door before opening it. It was Sam all right—he could see the brown head of hair over the shower curtain. His younger brother was inches taller than him, Dean looked very short in comparison, and he wasn’t short.

Sure that he could tell it was Sam by that alone Dean picked up the computer and brought it to his chair before sitting down. He wasn’t nearly as talented at operating these machines as his brother. Looking up vampires should be easy enough. Google left him with lots of results on Twilight, Buffy, and Anne Rice. A search of “New Orleans vampires” left him with little results. Still Dean explored every way to become a vampire he could find. Drinking vampire blood was a common theme, sometimes the victim would die and have to rise from the grave, and other sources stated the change happened much faster. A few motioned the pain involved. Dean was trying to rack his brain, had Sam done anything unusual? His recovery seemed rather quick, but maybe he wasn’t hurt as badly as Dean thought, he could walk on his own pretty quickly after all. The only option was to run these ideas by Sam once he was finished with the shower.

Only a couple minutes after his computer search Dean felt sleep creeping up on him. No. He could not fall asleep and Sam would be done soon. To shake his tired eyes Dean stood up and tossed the computer back on the bed. He paced the room, no way would he fall asleep now.
Sep. 11th, 2009 11:18 pm (UTC)
Sam felt Dean's gaze on him as he walked towards the bathroom. Not catching the blush, Sam wasn't freaked out by how closely Dean was watching him. With all that had happened tonight, Sam would have been worried if Dean wasn't going a tad overboard. But it seemed different than how things usually went and Sam found himself wondered if there was more to this than they'd both originally thought. Even more so, Sam wasn't sure if this change in demeanor was because of the possibility that Sam might become a vampire or if it had to do with unspoken feelings and the fleeting glances that he hadn't missed.

Sam lost in his own thoughts and the fact that his senses were heightened more so now than they'd been, say an hour ago, he hadn't missed the bathroom door opening or the knocking that Dean had done before stepping inside, and checking on him. And for whatever reason, Sam had the sudden urge to play it down, pretend that nothing out of the ordinary was happening and so he kept his gaze forward, fighting the desire to turn and meet Dean's gaze. It was only after he heard the door shut that Sam let out the breath he'd been holding and closed his eyes as stepped under the shower stream.

Twenty minutes later, found Sam out of the shower, dressed and staring idly in the bathroom mirror, where he'd wiped the steam away. Not really looking for anything, but just taking in his general appearance he couldn't stop anything different. But then again, maybe that was the point. If anyone could spot something new, it would be Dean. And so Sam figured the best way to see if anything had changed would be to face his brother. The main area of the motel room was quiet to Sam's ears and he slowly turned the knob, opening the door and glancing around before spotting Dean in the chair, looking like he was more than ready to head off into dream land. His pacing was enough to point that out. Stepping into the room, Sam merely sighed softly before glancing over to him and noticing his computer was sitting on the bed. Dean must have grabbed it from the Impala. "Anything?"
Sep. 13th, 2009 11:02 am (UTC)
"No. Too many things. That's the problem." Searching the net for stuff was Sam's gig, Dean was a more push and shove kind of guy. And here he was with a distinct feeling he was going to end up baby sitting Sam.

"Look man, I'm sorry for dumping you off with some guy you don't know--but I can't afford to babysit you while those vampires are hot on our tail-" Your tail he couldn't be upset at Sam of course, no he wasn't. "But why don't you take a crack at it," he nervously pointed at the computer. "I'm sure you'll find more than me." Dean was nervous, and it felt so bad -- if only their dad were around, to solve the problem. But he'd just become upset.

"I think the most important think we need to figure out is how fast you'll change--" and now he gave Sam, a hopeful but mocking glance. "I can't have you eating Mitchell--if it was me to take you on-- Not a problem?" Dean raised his eyebrows. "But him-? Not a chance in hell" It was a weak attempt to get a rise out of Sam--were vampires just angrier beings? They were essentially demons.. right? "Maybe I oughta draw some blood? See what happens?" And Dean thought it wasn't a bad idea. He was ready to take his brother down--vampire or not. So in good spirits, he pulled out a knife and cut the skin just above his wrist. The pain was minimal and only lasted for a second.

"Can you smell that Sammy?" He stepped closer. Sam's reaction would determine how fast... how long had it been? Almost a full day? It was probably the dumbest way to go about it--but hell Dean lived for danger. His brother was a cake walk.
Sep. 14th, 2009 03:50 am (UTC)
Sam really had never thought he'd be surfing the net for information on vampires. And if the thought at one point or another had crossed his mind, it had been for different reasons. Never in his wildest dreams had Sam ever thought he'd be looking for personal reasons. Nodding absently as he moved over to the bed, sitting down and pulling his laptop into his lap. It was still running, Dean hadn't turned it off, mostly because he probably was going to get Sam to look anyway and without too much hesitation, Sam flipped the lid up and double clicked on the web browser icon.

His gaze flicked over to Dean as he apologized about dropping him off at some place. Dean, usually didn't bother with apologies which meant that this was something he was fighting with. Letting his gaze fall back to the web browser that was now fully loaded, Sam typed a few random terms before abandoning that and logging into a frequently used occult site.

If there was one thing that they both agreed on, it was trying to find out how fast he was going to turn. If he'd turn at all. And Dean's mocking tone wasn't helping Sam's concentration at all. "Look, you want me to work or not?" He shot back finally, successfully giving Dean the rise he'd been looking for. Irritation was clearly written all over his hazel gaze, and Sam just shook his head. "I'm not eating anyone okay?" Dropping his gaze back to the screen, Sam stared for a moment reading something before Dean's words reached his ears and he looked back up to protest, only to find that it was too late.

Dean had already cut himself and was now proceeding to step closer to him.

"Can you smell that Sammy?" The more rational side of Sam's mind was screaming at him to stand up and put as much distance between himself and Dean as humanly possible. But Sam couldn't. He was rooted to the spot on the bed, his gaze transfixed on Dean, on the blood welling up from the cut. Oh yes, he could smell it all right, just as he could easily hear Dean's heart beating in his chest. But that didn't mean he was changed yet, only in the process.

"Dean, stop." It was taking everything he had, to stay seated on the bed.
Sep. 14th, 2009 04:19 am (UTC)
Dean's eyes automatically followed Sam. "No fuckingway...You're serious?" A short sprint to the bathroom, and there was a whole room between him and his brother. It wasn't supposed to be serious...a joke even, just a test. Frantically he cleaned his fresh wound and wrapped one of the motel towels around the cut. His heart must have plummeted to his stomach, as intense despair and helplessness washed over him.

This time, he was in way over his head. And what if he had to kill Sam? It just wasn't in him, but boy did he want to break something. Fuck this he thought after a few more minutes had passed. Dean exited the bathroom in the same manner he left, and returned to his chair. He was more alert and on edge than ever.

"Did you find anything?" The words were harsher than he would have liked, but whatever, it didn't even phase him.
Sep. 14th, 2009 04:33 am (UTC)
There was no way that Sam would even think about joking at a time like this. That was one of the main differences between himself and Dean. The quick glare he'd given Dean had been proof enough that he'd been totally serious. This wasn't something that was going to go away by pretending that it hadn't happened. Silently Sam sat there as Dean sprinted to the bathroom, the door slamming shut as Dean tried to keep his shit together.

Without much else to do, Sam focused back on the computer and trying to dig stuff up. He had a pretty good idea of what he should mention to Dean when he stepped back out from the bathroom, if of course that even happened. Sighing softly when he heard the door open and Dean stepped out, his cut wrapped securely in one of the motel towels, and Sam did his best to act like he couldn't smell anything now. Not that it made much difference. Dean was pissed, scared and acting like a total jerk now.

The harsh tone in which he was suddenly being addressed with now, made him glance back up, a frown settling on his lips once more and he sighed once more before snapping his computer shut, setting it down on the bed and standing up. Wordlessly he made his way towards the door and slipped outside. He knew that Dean was dealing the only way he could right now, but that didn't mean that butting heads would be a good thing right now.

Instead of walking like he'd originally planned, Sam settled for leaning against the banister/railing that was out front, watching the deserted highway. Going anywhere would only serve to add more stress onto Dean and that was the last thing that Sam wanted. But space, it seemed like a good thing right now. Besides, with his abilities and all that, Who knew how he'd turn out anyway. Maybe nothing would happen.
Sep. 15th, 2009 05:52 am (UTC)
Dean was ashamed, how could he push his brother, partner, and best friend like that. If the situation had been reversed, Sam probably would have been a great deal more understanding, comforting, just better in general. Oh, but Sam—to Dean he was still pretty young, and inexperienced in certain situations. How many times did he have to save his brother? How many times was he the enforcer?

Thank goodness Sam’s frustration had only led him out the front door. Now the older of the two was watching him outside from the small window. The thought of losing Sammy, more than anything else weighed on his mind. This vampire would look like his brother, talk like him, God, probably even smell like him. Would there be any personality left? Dean thought if Sam became his vampire sidekick—well it wasn’t a bad idea. Most of their work was done at the nighttime anyway. Sleeping schedules would be the only thing to change.

What was he thinking?

Sam was becoming a vampire, instead of thinking about sidekicks, and death, Dean should be enjoying the short time he may have left with his brother. He settled beside his brother against the same banister. The highway down below was a more depressing sight than he could have imagined. Dean laughed and shook his head, before a smile settled onto his face. “I could really go for some pot right now.” It was a joke—not like they could find any in Mississippi.
Sep. 15th, 2009 06:03 am (UTC)
Not even five minutes had passed before Sam found that Dean had stepped out side, taking up a spot next to him on the banister. Not that he was worried. With Dean, his anger and mood swings they usually didn't last long. And it wasn't like Sam didn't understand why Dean was so upset. Hell, even he was having a hard time dealing with all that was going on. It wasn't easy to deal with his life suddenly being tipped upside down. It was bad enough to hunt in this world, but to become part of the world that they hunted? That wasn't cool.

But how on earth could he share this with Dean? He was supposed to be the rock, the dependable one. And well, Dean didn't look so sturdy right now. In fact, Sam was afraid that if he was even to begin to tell his brother how he felt, Dean would crack completely. But the truth was plain as day.

Sam was scared. Terrified that he was going to loose himself. The last thing Sam wanted was to become a demon, and he'd beg Dean to kill him over and over again if it was to come to that. But more importantly, Sam didn't want to be parted from Dean. Leaving him at Mitchell's, it just felt like a really wrong idea.

Finally glancing over to him, Sam couldn't help but crack a small smile. "I could use a drink." He commented dryly, before blinking. "And I mean, alcoholic. Not... anything else,"
Sep. 17th, 2009 08:16 am (UTC)
“How about it Sam, shall we get wasted.” It almost seemed appropriate to add ‘one last time’ but being melodramatic was Sam’s thing. “I saw a liquor down the street. Why don’t you sit tight? I’ll be back in ten.” Ten minutes wasn’t too long of a time to leave Sam alone. If his brother was in the mood for drinking, it was a rare event Dean wasn’t willing to pass up.

In less than two minutes The Impala was parked in front of the store. Dean browsed the aisles shove both him and Sam’s favorite into his basket. The only other people in the store were a man shopping and the woman working the register, nothing suspicious about that. Still he couldn’t help but rush, wanting to return to his brother quickly. The total was well over a hundred dollars, and with someone else’s credit card and ID it was easy to spend a lot. I it was their last time to drink together, Dean wanted to go all out, get Sammy so wasted off his ass, he’d regret it in the morning.
Back at the motel room, Dean shut the door quietly behind him and pulled the blinds shut. “Can the vampires come in here if we don’t invite them?” He placed the brown bag of alcohol on the chair he was last sitting and started to remove the contents, handing them to Sam for his approval (a six pack of beer, vodka, rum, etc..). The beer was calling out to him; the older of the two wasted no time popping the cap off of the cool bottle and chugging half of it down his throat.

How desperate did he appear? Dean might as well have ran to the liquor store, but Sam wanted to forget his concerns just as much as his brother, at least it seemed so. When the bag was empty he removed it from the chair and took a seat, pulling the gun into a more secure location. At least for tonight he thought they’d be safe, but the gun provided extra and welcome security.
Sep. 17th, 2009 09:39 pm (UTC)
The thought of getting completely trashed with his brother was an appropriate response to all that had happened that night. He was thankful that Dean had let the 'one last time' thing stay silent, that could have severely changed the mood settled between them and in all honesty, Sam just wanted to be normal for a little while. Just pretend that this hadn't happened. At least until the sun rose and he'd be forced to sleep, because the pull with the sun would be too great for him to handle.

"Ten Dean. I'm counting." He made a motion, tapping the face of his watch before shooting him a grin. Shaking his head, Sam settled down onto the motel bed and stretched out waiting for Dean to return with what he presumed was going to be a shit load of alcohol. It was a rare occasion to find Sam willing to drink. He was the more, brooding type of person, and getting wasted, like he was sure to happen tonight, it didn't happen all the often.


The ten minutes had passed just as Dean was pulling up into the parking lot, the Impala giving on such a distinctive sound that Sam couldn't miss it. Pulling himself up into a sitting position on the bed as Dean entered, arms full of different liqueurs and of course all there favorites too. Watching him pull the shades shut, Sam merely rested his head on his hand, mulling over the question. He wasn't sure, again so much of the lore was speculative and it wasn't like he was a good example.

He was still turning, changing. Anything that he did, well it shouldn't' be taken into context. "I would suspect so maybe. I mean, a motel it's not like a house. You don't make a home here Dean. It's pretty much public domain." Not that it was a comforting thought, but the fact that the guns were so close, it left him not overly worried about it. "Good God Dean. That's your plan isn't' it? Keep me so wasted I can't leave. Can't fight you?" He was teasing again, but there was a small flicker of truth to his words. It wouldn't surprise him if Dean had ulterior motives for wanting to get plastered tonight, but Sam, he really didn't care.

Seeing as they'd be here for a while, Sam wasn't eager on rushing into things. Maybe once things got going more he'd become more adventurous but for now, a beer would be a good start. Moving from his spot on the bed, he grab a bottle from the same pack Dean had taken his from. Twisting the cap off he tipped it back, taking a long swallow from it. Chugging, like Dean was doing, didn't work for him. And besides, Dean probably actually wanted him to be semi alert for this. Better not to rush it.
Sep. 18th, 2009 09:05 am (UTC)
“You can’t fight me when you’re sober,” Dean corrected, taking a much smaller sip this time around. The hunter was distracted; he was mulling over Sam’s explanation of motel rooms and vampires. Sam said you don’t make a home in a motel, but what had their lives been beside that? Still his little brother had a point—you couldn’t come back ‘home’ to the same motel room over and over again. In reality Sam was Dean’s home, that’s why he wanted to send him away until he wasted the rest of the vampires. Florida wouldn’t exactly be a vampire hotspot. Dean would keep most of Sam’s things with him hoping to throw off the scent. Mitchell might even know a few tricks for covering up a scent; as long as he didn’t know the reason things would be fine.

Dean finished the last of his bottle and tossed it into the small wastebasket a few feet away. He pulled out another hitting it against Sam’s in a silent toast. This time he was careful to sip the whole thing slower. He sank lower into his chair, locking his eyes on Sam’s computer. As quick as he opened his mouth to speak he closed it. The last thing he wanted now was to talk about vampires; Dean wouldn’t ask Sam about what he found just yet.

By the time Sam was done with his beer, Dean had finished his second. It was nice, and refreshing to sit in silence, but once his tolerance gave out—both of them probably wouldn’t shut up until they passed out. All the better reason for getting the ball rolling! From his bag Dean retrieved two small bathroom style Dixie Cups and placed them on the nightstand. In this line of work you couldn’t spend big on shot glasses that would end up broken. Also from his bag he pulled a liter of Pepsi, it was the first thing he saw, and good enough for a chaser. Both of the cups Dean filled to the brim—they could share the Pepsi. “Take a shot Sam.”
Sep. 18th, 2009 09:18 am (UTC)
A forced laugh, followed by a roll of his eyes and Sam merely tipped his bottle once more swallowing the liquid and a rather stated fashion. Sam could see that Dean was still distracted, probably because of the answer that Sam had given him about the motel room and how it was public domain. Sam wondered if it would be better to just not answer any more questions tonight and decided that was the best course of action. No sense in ruining whatever mood they had managed to find.

Dean had always been a fast drinker and by the time Sam had managed to reach the bottom of his first bottle, Dean had already cracked his second and was well onto his way to finishing it although not nearly as fast he he'd down the first one. Clinking the necks together, Sam was thankful that Dean wasn't pressing the issue anymore. For tonight at least, they were trying to be normal.

Sam watched Dean with an even gaze as he fished out the dixie cups from the bag followed by the liter of Pepsi. He had a good idea of what Dean was prepping and prayed to god that it wasn't anything like the last shot's they gone and done. Those had been horrible. Rising and making his way over to the nightstand, Sam stared down at the shots for a moment before reaching for the closest one. Picking it up he merely made a mock toasting to Dean. "Bottoms up."
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